GZDoom 1.8.2 released
23 June 2013, 14.56
A new version is available. This is a bugfix release and fixes two problems of recent versions:

- wiping the screen caused parts of the level not to be rendered
- texture scaling was broken

Transition from SVN to git complete
23 June 2013, 11.26
As of now, GZDoom has discontinued using the old SVN repository and migrated to git.
Please use this from now on as no more commits will be made to the old SVN repository

You can find the new repository under the following link: https://github.com/coelckers/gzdoom

GZDoom 1.8.0 released
9 June 2013, 9.46
GZDoom 1.8.0 has been released. This updates GZDoom to ZDoom version 2.7.0. Look over there for a list of new features, it's quite long...

GZDoom 1.7.1 released
10 February 2013, 10.32
After a seeminly endless delay due to various problems with ZDoom's SVN code here it finally is:

The new GZDoom 1.7.1.

This is mostly done to fix the problems with the new lighting mode. Of course it also adds all the more recent fixes done in ZDoom.

GZDoom 1.7.0 released
23 December 2012, 10.53
A new version is out - with a new lighting mode that's even closer to the software renderer!

Other changes to the last version include:

- berserk indicator on alternative HUD
- support for BFG edition IWADs
- sound precaching through MAPINFO.

GZDoom 1.5.6 released
14 November 2010, 12:54
A new version is out!

Major changes to the last version include:

- customizable intermission sequences
- more supported music formats (XMI, HMI, HMP)
- better support of Timidity++ for extended MIDI formats
- less quirky jumping code
- major redesign of portal clipping. Problems with one sided lines in portals should be almost completely gone now.

Update: 1.5.05 has been uploaded which fixes some bugs with nonstandard portals and reflective floors.
Update2: 1.5.06 fixes a crash bug with more than 16 portals in a map.

GZDoom 1.5.3 released
23 September 2010, 10:19
A new release is out.

The one major new feature is the improved menu code. The new menu can be fully controlled with the mouse.

Aside from that it's mostly bugfixes related to the textured automap code that was introduced in 1.5.2

GZDoom 1.5.2 released
27 August 2010, 22:52
A new release is available.

New features include:

- textured automap
- automap keys configurable in the menu and console
- USDF support
- FluidSynth support for MIDI playback (FluidSynth DLL not included for size reasons.)

Bug fixes:
- some maps with polyobjects got their geometry moved acrpss the map.


Another release is available which fixes a recently introduced bug in ZDoom's internal node builder.

GZDoom 1.5.0 released
11 August 2010, 06:47
This release coincides with ZDoom 2.5.0 so the main new feature is the new polyobject code. Of course all other ZDoom changes of recent months are added, too.

GZDoom 1.4.8 released
27 March 2010, 08:39
A new version is out.

Important new fixes include a critical level transition bug in Strife that made it impossible to get to the Abandoned Front Base and could cause the game to abort if you tried.

It also fixes an issue with item placement in maps at an angle that is not a multiple of 45°.

UPDATE: 1.4.7 has been released. This version fixes 2 semi-critical bugs:

- animations for menu textures using the original graphics names did not work
- Strife conversations could only be initiated with shootable actors.

UPDATE again: 1.4.8 has been released due to another bug introduced by recent ZDoom changes

- picking up an invulnerability sphere while being invulnerable caused a crash.

GZDoom 1.4.5 released
19 March 2010, 07:42
A new version is out which includes the recent ZDoom extensions to the ambient sounds and of course all fixes and improvements from the last 2 months.

If you downloaded 1.4.4 in the short time it was out please update immediately. That version has some issues which I only noticed after uploading it but before making a news post.

GZDoom 1.4.3 released
29 January 2010, 22:22
A new version is online.

This is merely a bugfix release that addresses 2 semi-serious bugs:

- shaders did not compile on ATI cards anymore
- sprites were not properly sorted when rendering a mirror.

GZDoom 1.4.2 released
24 January 2010, 10:05
This updates GZDoom to ZDoom v2.4.1 and also fixes a few bugs:

- sprite display on older graphics cards works again
- sprites with an alpha channel again display as intended
- Maps containing FraggleScript could crash when playing sounds
- some rare crashes with changing a ScriptedMarine's skin.

Important note:

Beginning with this release there won't be downloadable source packages anymore. With a public SVN server I don't see much use in them as they only make some less informed people get outdated sources instead of the most recent development code and due to the time needed to prepare them they always have been a delaying factor for new releases so I hope that in the future there'll be more frequent official releases.

In case somebody needs a specific version they can all be found and downloaded from the tags/ directory on the SVN server.

GZDoom 1.4.1 released
5 January 2010, 09:36
Version 1.4.1 is online. This is only a bugfix release that addresses several issues that have been found in 1.4.0. Here's the list of important fixes:

- models did not display correctly
- some moving cameras no longer worked.
- some menu layout fixes
- Strife dialogue layout fixes
- improved precision for Floor_Waggle
- improved performance with sprites that contain a lot of empty room on the outside.

GZDoom 1.4.0 released
1 January 2010, 07:52
To coincide with today's release of ZDoom 2.4.0 here's the latest GZDoom release.

Major new features:

- Monsters can no longer get stuck in each other.
- Generalized version of A_BishopMissileWeave and A_CStaffMissileSlither, called A_Weave
- portals can be defined with linedefs, like in Eternity.
- Major improvement of portal robustness. All geometry lying between the camera and the portal is now discarded before being rendered so there's far less restrictions in defining a portal's layout. (OpenGL only!)

Major fixes:
- replacing puffs now gets recognized properly when checking the damage type
- the options menu no longer gets cut off by the screen borders
- moving a sky viewpoint now is interpolated properly (see Daedalus MAP21's intro for an example)
- Hexen's Flechette-Grenade now gets thrown properly when viewing up or down.