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Februar 2012


Die neo-liberale Politik der letzten 30 Jahre als Generationskrieg der Baby-Boomer gegen alle anderen:

The Boomers inherited the largesse of World War II, but without the laws, social traditions, and institutional structures to keep the bourgeoisie from gobbling it all up. quote;The benefits of the welfare state become one more fact of life for those who did not have to struggle for them, something to be exploited for convenience," as Harrington put it.


Wie Afghanistan verloren wurde:

It is not so much that Taliban are greatly liked, but that the government and its local emissaries are loathed for their corruption, incompetence and violence. (...) The US has failed in Afghanistan and the Taliban will become stronger. (...) The non-Pashtun communities, (...) will resist them. (...). The war may soon be over for the Americans, but not for the Afghans.



Adam Curtis von der BBC über Stagnation und Subkultur in der untergehenden Sowjetunion (inkl. zeitgenössischer Fernsehberichte):

The millions of people who worked in the factories began to notice that the managers (...) were beginning to use the absurdities for their own purposes - to loot the system for the own profit.(...)
Their aim was to try and build 'socialism' in Afghanistan, just as thousands of westerners would later try and build 'democracy'.