The Mandelbrot Set

The so called 'Little Apple Man'

Instructions: Wait until the Mandelbrot set is ready. To select a zoom area, click the mouse down and push. Mouse click without push brings the start-area back.

spectral colors

Description: Every point gets a spectral colour which is like the number of loops when the sequence

Zn = Zn-1 + c

Z is a complex number, n is the loop counter and c is the constant value of the point

goes to infinity. All points which do not approach infinity become black and are a part of the Mandelbrot set.

This fractal was found 1976 by Benoit Mandelbrot. It is a symbol for the Chaos-Theory. The description of nature by mathematics became natural.

You can download this applet here.

Eckhard Roessel 01/16/2010 - 07/02/2014

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