The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself

The Little Dog JOSCHI
Joschi's Hi Woof Award
Hi Woof Award
A free gift to all.
Feel free to copy.

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Joschi's Awards

Joschi's own site belongs to the
*TOP TEN most awarded sites*,
so he's constantly in search of other sites which stand above the rest. For those sites which he considers to be really outstanding in content and design he offers four awards with one general award *Award of Excellence*, one family related *Family Site Award*, one pet related (dogs) *Joschi's Award* and special awards for the most awarded *Top 12* dog sites and the *Most Awarded Personal Homepages*.
All awards must be earned! All submitted sites will be visited and judged carefully by two persons who both must agree that the site meets the CRITERIA and deserves an award.
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The site must be in English or German.
No obviously incomplete sites.
Must be family friendly, no obscene or offensive content whatsoever.
The site must have some content, not just a bunch of links.
Must be well thought out.
Easy to navigate, no broken links.
We recommend using *Link Check* from NetMechanic
or *LinkAlarm*.
Site Quality
No pop-ups.
No overload with animations.
Not too many Java applets.
Don't crash my browser.
Skillful use of HTML, including META-tags.
Compatible with different browsers.
Acceptable loading time.
We recommend using GIF Wizard
to reduce image sizes.
Check the spelling!
A nice layout.
Appropriate colour contrasts for readability.
Original graphics, or give someone the credit at least.

For *Joschi's Award* the site must be about dogs.
No sites about animal cruelty of any kind.

The *Family Site Award* is for typical family sites which reflect family values, it is NOT enough that a site is *only* family safe. Please note again, ALL sites which apply for Joschi's various awards must be family safe.

Do you want to inspect your site first?


It is NOT necessary to sign our guestbook!
As a winner you are NOT urged to link the award back to us.
To apply fill out the form with your name, e-mail address and site URL, a description of the site and further comments are optional. Alternatively to form submission you may apply by e-mail. Feel also free to contact us with questions and assistance.
We will review your site within two weeks.

Only winners will be notified by e-mail.
The winners appear on the winners list with a short description of their site.

* Good luck! *

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Privacy Policy - Your email address and your data are collected only for the purpose of sending you your awards and these data won't be in any way sold or transmitted to other parties.

COPPA - Applicants under the age of 13 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to apply for this award.

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