Mailingverteiler für Lebendgebärende Zahnkarpfen !
– biete-suche –

Übersetzung durch: Ulrike Korte

Email distribution list for livebearers !
- supply-demand –

What does this mean?
This mail distributor was installed under Google:
This is not a list for registering fish sought-after or offered but a list exclusively for sending emails within the group. (“Group” is a term used by Google and refers to this form of mail distribution).
Though this group is installed under Google, there is no need to be a member with Google. Just send me a mail including your first and last name and your email address and I will send you an invitation by Google. For becoming a member of the group, click "Accept this invitation" and you can mail your supplies and demands.
Via the following email-address: cc-belm@googlegroups.com so that everybody within the group can read your email.

Why was this group founded?
Well, haven’t you experienced this for yourself: You were looking for a certain species, but you didn’t know who might have got it?
On the other hand, there is somebody in this group who could pass on exactly this species. So you both are benefitting.
Of course, you can take your fish to meetings on the off chance but often enough you are going to take them home again. This condition should be ended by the assistance of this group.

By the way, there is of course no need of a meeting for handing over the fish. The way of delivery is up to the partners’ agreement.

Nevertheless, it has been objected as follows:
Supply-demand-lists such as proposed do already exist on several forums. This is true and it makes sense to post one’s classifieds there. But these lists are predominantly permanent lists. Often, the entries can still be found at the same place after months. This group is more up to date, since the supply or demand is made for a restricted period.

For example:
If you are participating in a meeting and you are able to offer some fish you can indicate by mail that you are going to this meeting and can take your fish there.
This does not compete with any auctions. It is just the other way round: If someone mails that he is giving his fish to the auction, this will be an incentive for others to take part in the auction.

Furthermore, this email distribution list is most appropriate to bring together the breeding stock of rare fancy forms and especially of wild forms to prevent them from extinction in our aquaria.
It is predictable that in the near future we cannot avoid inbreeding by capturing wild stock…. Just think of Brazil.

Who can become a member of this group?
Everybody who is interested in livebearers.
Membership of the group does not depend on any club or association.
If somebody does not want to receive any more emails,whether forever or for a certain period, he may mail me and I will immediately meet his requests.

What rules should be observed in this group?
The only aim of this group is to get livebearers’ enthusiasts into contact with each other. That is why supplies and demands are restricted to livebearers only.
The reason for his rule:
The volume of mail in this group should be as low as possible. At present, there are 2-3 mails per week to all members of the group.
To answer a mail from the group, click "Answer" and your mail will be automatically received by the person you want to get in contact with. The other members of the group cannot see your mail.

Could I arouse your interest?
Then please send me a mail including your first and last name and your email address under which you want to be registered.
If you feel uncertain about joining, you can be registered on a trial basis.
You can leave the group at any time.
If there are still questions coming up, I will be pleased to answer them.
Kind regards
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