The Little Dog JOSCHI

Another Nightmare

On February 15, 2001 (I was exactly 6.66 years old, what a strange coincidence!) I was again attacked by a vicious dog and badly injured. And again, miraculously, I have survived! - Is there a guardian angel for little dogs? Thanks to the Lord above!

Attack on Joschi © Ulrich Leive

I went along with my human friend, Ulli when, all of a sudden, I was attacked by a large and strong black dog, I did never meet that dog before and I don't know any reason for his behavior. Well, bad luck. That hell of a beast caught me by my neck and held me, so I couldn't escape. Ulli jumped towards us and started wrestling the beast, tearing at its nose and ears and throat. That darn beast was too strong, so it failed to set me free, but Ulli could clutch his head at least so that the devil couldn't break my spine by shaking me. An old man tried to help me and Ulli.

At last the owner of that terrible dog got involved and hit his dog and punched him. Well, it took 10 or even 15 minutes to rescue me, before the vicious bad dog finally broke down, he was forced by heavy violence from Ulli, the old man and the owner to let me go...

Ulli picked me up and I was taken to the vet. My neck had a deep wound from the long tooth of my enemy and my right eye was badly damaged. But - my eye could be saved and it is healing already. For a few days I was sleeping most of the time and I must tell you, I had bad dreams. Oh, my God, that dog really meant business and wanted to kill me!

Now, two weeks later, I'm on the way to recovery, a scar remains on my neck, but time will let my silky hair grow back ... - My dachshund girlfriend *Bienchen* likes the scar, she is proud of me, she thinks I'm a great fighter and this is a kind of award ... my battle scar --- strange! - Women...!

Hope I don't have to face such a thing once again. It was the second time that I've gone through this nightmare.

So long, my friends... - God bless you!

( March 02, 2001 )


Make LOVE not war! © Ulrich Leive

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