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The End of JOSCHI

Joschi 1 © Ulrich Leive   For a longer time in his last year he could not take his food properly. Still he was waiting for his main meal: tasty chicken breast fillets, a few noodles, cooked baby carrots, complemented with a few pieces of white bread and a mixture of foods he liked so much . He tried to pick it up but his saliva had become a sticky paste. Joschi's efforts to swallow failed more and more. His tongue didn't obey his will any longer, obviously he had suffered from a stroke that paralyzed his tongue and parts of his mouth.

Joschi 2 © Ulrich Leive
Joschi 3 © Ulrich Leive

   Joschi 2 © Ulrich LeiveThe vet, which has helped us so many times before and saved Joschi's life more than once, tried to convince me, that no medical treatment will give me back a young and healthy dog. I simply have to accept the fact, that life comes to the final border where we have to separate from each other. I must face it...

   Finally, having spent Christmas and New Year together, the decision was made. It has been for the last time. Joschi looks at me and seems to say: «It's okay, I can not go on with you any longer!»

   Joschi 5 © Ulrich Leive On his last day he hopped out of my bed, earlier than days and weeks before, he gets close to my legs and I caress him. I phone the vet and tell her that Joschi and me are on the way, arriving in less than one hour.

Joschi and I leave our home. I take him up and carry him. This last way.

   At the vet, we are immediately led into a small and separate room, which Joschi knows from previous visits, I set him down on the treatment table, he trembles and shivers a bit, I try my best to calm him down, fondle his body with my hands and he becomes quiet rapidly, looking at me, sending me parting glances: «Thank you for everything! Thank you for being here with me now!»

   Joschi 6 © Ulrich LeiveHe receives an injection with narcotics. Soon he is going to slip away into a deep sleep. What is now happening inside of him? Is it the same thing often heard that people see their whole life passing by in a moment ? Does he meet his first person, the old lady, who died and left him when he was a young one? Does he remember the many years of friendship with me and the long strolls, does he meet his old companions who have already passed away?

   He gets a second injection, that makes his body completely insensitive. Now he cannot feel the pain caused by a long needle. And then comes the final shot. It is injected directly into the little heart. Holding my hands on his body I can still feel his body breathing, it is getting less and less. The vet takes off the stethoscope. She says: «His heart does not beat anymore!» ------- It's over! Joschi has left - he has passed the rainbow bridge.

RoseIn loving memory of Joschi © Ulrich LeiveRose

My beloved Joschi,
I will never forget you!

Joschi 7 © Ulrich Leive
Joschi 8 © Ulrich Leive
Joschi 9 © Ulrich Leive

A candle for Joschi
Joschi - Rest in Peace! © Ulrich Leive
A candle for Joschi

JOSCHI    -    Rest in Peace

June 15, 1994 - January 11, 2011

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge 1 © Ulrich Leive
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge 2 © Ulrich Leive
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge 3 © Ulrich Leive
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge 4 © Ulrich Leive
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge 5 © Ulrich Leive

In Loving Memory - The Little Dog Joschi - 100 Paintings
Joschi © Ulrich Leive
Joschi © Ulrich Leive
Joschi as Watchdog © Ulrich Leive
Freewheeling  Joschi © Ulrich Leive
Joschi with Flowers © Ulrich Leive
Joschi © Ulrich Leive

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