The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself

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Joschi IX © by Ulrich Leive

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Well, I'm not really interested in the web world, I prefer running around, smelling some tracks, on corners and trees - and to lift a leg... - but! my human friend Ulli has got a web site, several web sites in fact, so I think I ought to have one too. Please, forgive me, my English is a bit poor, I'm just a small German dog...

Joschi and Ulli I © by Ulrich Leive

Here you can see me walking with Ulli. That leash isn't always there, but I have to be guided sometimes, because it's so dangerous for dogs, especially for a small dog like me. All these cars going by, a nasty thing I'm afraid of. By the way, when Ulli is in a hurry, I'm always connected with that leash. That's life, that's what all the dogs say...

Joschi and Ulli II © by Ulrich Leive

Now, I've known Ulli since my seventh week. At that time I wasn't his, but his neighbour's pet, an old lady's one and only darling. She purchased me. She'd just lost her fourteen year-old pekinese dog. I remember, when I was delivered to that old woman, I felt so sick and had to vomit, and was also fed up with that terrible pop music in that terrible car. I hate cars, I don't like driving...

Anna Haarmeyer and the Pekinese Agila © by Ulrich Leive

This old lady was very kind, I was never alone, I got good meals, it was warm. But it was often boring. "You must not jump", she always yelled, when I tried to show my love for human beings. They called me "the wild one", "wild Joschi"! Always that wicked leash, it really handicapped me!

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One day that old lady was sent to the hospital. I was alone. Ulli took me three times a day for a walk, but I wasn't used to being alone for those long hours in between. I was in a desperate mood, very upset, devastated - what was going on? On the street I was constantly looking for my old lady but I couldn't find her. She had told me: "I'll be back soon", but she never did come back again...


Once in a while Ulli and I go visiting her grave at the cemetery. Ulli was looking for a good person to take me. That was in December 1995, near to Christmas Day. No one was able to take me. "Wait, maybe in a few weeks or so", they said to Ulli, "I'm going to ask my friend", "I've got to ask my wife", "my partner", "my this, my that." Well, meanwhile I'd noticed, Ulli was a little in love with me, and after Christmas Day, Ulli himself was my new person!

Joschi on the grave © by Ulrich Leive

Day by day Ulli is walking around with me. Not too far away from our flat, there are fields and trees and a lot of other dogs. I'm free to run, to do what I want, well, not all I want to do. For instance, Ulli doesn't like me to roll in dirty stuff. But sometimes I do it. Then Ulli puts me in his bathtub, where he rubs me with soap, and that's a thing I don't like at all, you know.

Joschi at the Forest © by Ulrich Leive

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There are so many dogs I've made acquaintance with, big ones such as Great Danes, German shepherds, boxers, St Bernhards. It scares me sometimes, I've got to admit. But there are also small dogs like me. Oops, I think I've forgotten to introduce myself: I'm half longhaired dachshund, from my Mom's side and half pekinese, from my Dad's. You have never heard of such a cross-breeding? It's absolutely perfect! And when I'm passsing a mirror and look into it, I'm delighted. And above all, I'm able to run fast, I'm no coward (as brave as a lion) and a really tough guy. Ulli tells everyone that I'm very friendly and kind. And, he's right!


My Worst Nightmare

There are also dark moments in life, though. On my second birthday a huge wicked dog tried to kill me. He failed, many thanks to the Lord above - ooh! Ulli was terrified to the bones, what about me...!

Joschi with a branch © by Ulrich Leive

Ulli, my beloved person, is an artist, a painter. Every night he works in his small studio, doing his painting. I don't look at it, that's not my stuff. I sleep in a chair. When Ulli is going to open a new exhibition, I'm given to other friendly people. Then I miss my person, but Ulli always comes back, he takes me home, gives me some food from his own meal, and often, I'm allowed to sleep in his bed... I think, we are close friends.

Joschi on stones © by Ulrich Leive

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That's my story, folks! You're kindly invited to visit some of my other pages now. - Enjoy yourself!

Joschi with Leaves © by Ulrich Leive

This picture as puzzle - My Puzzle Page

That's me from 2007 to January 2009
Joschi 2007 II © Ulrich Leive
Joschi 2007 I © Ulrich Leive
Joschi October 2008 © Ulrich Leive
Joschi January 2009  © Ulrich Leive

My last two Birthdays

Joschi's 15th Birthday © Ulrich Leive
Joschi's 16th Birtday © Ulrich Leive

And now I've passed the Rainbow Bridge...

In loving memory of the Little Dog Joschi - 1994 - 2011 © by Ulrich Leive

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