The Little Dog JOSCHI and his FRIENDS - Page 1

Joschi  by Ulrich Leive
Joschi  by Ulrich Leive
Joschi  by Ulrich Leive
Joschi  by Ulrich Leive

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Page 1

Kathi and Bienchen

Joschi, Kathi and Bienchen

Kathi 3d.Kathi 2d.Kathi 1d

This is Kathi, one of my former companions. Meanwhile she has passed the rainbow bridge. Together with Kathi and Bienchen I went chasing big dogs. Yes, I did!

Bienchen I

This is Bienchen, a very small Long-haired dachshund. She has also passed the rainbow bridge. She was a real Princess, often she sat on her thrown, and sometimes she was even carried by humans. But, it was okay!

Bienchen II

Joschi, Kathi and Bienchen

More pictures of Kathi and Bienchen

Pompa 1
Pompa 2

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Joschi and Friends

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